Friday, November 1, 2013

October's End

       Today's blog post will not be quite as long as the previous one. I'm having quite a busy day. That being said, I play to be up to date and never miss a Friday blog post. I've been having some down time with my photography as of late. Spending less time shooting, and more time catching up with editing images that I've shot over the past few weeks. At times I find myself spending hours on a single image, only to go back to the beginning and start new. 

The above image is an example of this. I actually shot this as part of a Senior Portrait shoot for my brother, and I never got around to editing the "non-submittable" images. The goal was to create an image in dramatic black and white, but eventually I decided I liked the slight sepia tone.

Working for Best Buy allows me to pick up good deals on a lot of camera gear so I rarely try to see out local camera shops. This week however, I was looking for a new 70-200 lens and I found myself about thirty minutes from my house at a small (but well known) camera shop in my area. The place is called Newtonville Camera and they were very pleasant. I actually ended up leaving with a Tamron 70-200 lens, but upon shooting with it for a few days, I decided that I didn't like the way it rendered color and brought it back in favor of the Canon-brand version.

           On my way home from Newtonville Camera, I happened across the sun setting behind some clouds and as I drove, I saw this church in front of it. I framed this picture in my head and knew it would be too good to pass up. Naturally, I pulled over on a side street (parking in a "No-Parking Zone" so I wouldn't miss the shot) and I got out and shot this. The color of the light was magical and the composition with the church created a good subject matter. Shot with my Canon 24-105 f/4L stopped down to f/16. I wanted to make sure I got the light beams emanating from behind the clouds.

       Those who know me well, also know that I will never pass up an opportunity for a good shot. During this past week I made multiple trips back and forth from my college, and I frequently drive through Needham, MA. People who live in and around Needham can tell you, there is always an abundance of Turkeys around this season. They are large birds, and they can sure get in the way.

       I actually almost hit this guy driving home through Needham, so needless to say I grabbed my gear and stopped in the center of town, jumping out and chasing the Turkey around with my camera. The things you do when interesting subjects don't come easy. I'm sure the string of cars driving past me must have thought I was nuts. Worth it.

       Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Last year I had my wisdom-teeth removed the day before Thanksgiving so I couldn't eat much. I guess I'm gonna have to compensate for that this year by eating twice as much food. Its also time to pick up the old guitar and sing a bar of Alice's Restaurant, because October is out, and November is in. Thank you all for reading!

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